Apr. 28th, 2015

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We started our day by walking out to the lake side, as cloud formed over the surrounding mountains, as well as seeing the other features of Lake Tekapo a small church and a statue of a sheep dog. From there we drove up Mount John, saw the outside of the observatory from our cancelled tour and spent sometime looking out across fantastic views.

Our three hour drive to Christchurch was our last big drive of the honeymoon - tomorrow we return the rental car just before we fly back to Auckland. Was one of those long long straight road drives. Really flat country too, could see miles to the horizon, well the mountains that rose up from the horizon in fact.

In Christchurch we went for a walk, passed an unsurprisingly large number of building sites, saw the earthquake damaged cathedral and did our souvenir shopping in the restart mall; its been constructed on the site of the destroyed mall out of converted shipping containers.

Dinner tonight was on a tram car restaurant; one it turned out that had only reopened last December - it has taken four years following the earthquake for things to get back to a state where it could. The tram itself looped sound a section of the city some six times I think while the four courses were served, the whole time swing music playing at a nice background level. The food was absolutely exquisite - for once not huge portions either so it didn't feel like we over ate. Excellent end to our last full day in the South Island.


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