Apr. 23rd, 2015

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So today was a doing stuff day. Well a doing stuff, and occasionally being mesmerised by the views day. Not as full a day as we could of made it, but doing an overnight cruise tomorrow meant we didn't fancy boat activities today plus neither of us are into extreme sports so that ruled out a bunch of things. On a related note Queenstown shopping district is tiny, like double the size of Southgate, yet they have at least six competing information centres for booking the same activities.

What we did do was take a gondola ride up a mountain, pause to admire the views then have a couple of luge rides. The first was the scenic course, basically longer and less steep so with therefore more switch backs. The second one was the fast route, so steeper with a couple of sudden drops. Both fun, especially as I was able to achieve a different speed. Also nice to do after not having time to do it at Rotorua.

From there a wander into town took us to the marina observatory where you see below the surface of the lake. Lots of trout which my Dad would love to catch, a couple of eels and the hilarity which is seeing ducks on the surface form below and watching them dive. Ducks underwater are a nightmare to photograph though.

The last thing we ended up doing was a round of frisbee golf in the park. It's exactly what it sounds. We bought an ordinary frisbee, not a specialist frisbee golf one, and there was a lot of wind so we only made one par between us. Fun diversion though, gave us a focussed walk through the park and some gentle exercise.

Dinner tonight was tasty Chinese tapas.

Tomorrow overnight boat cruise through the Doubtful Sounds, so obviously no internet.


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