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So with our five o'clock flight to the North Island we had a morning and an afternoon to do a few things in Christchurch. We started picking up the chocolate things I needed for work - chocolate marshmallow fish and chocolate coated pineapple - and some things for Rachael's brownies too. The last of our gift shopping done we went had a pleasant bimble through the botanic gardens.

From there we went and had a trip up yet another gondola ride, up some 500m above sea level for excellent views of the Banks Peninsula. We also went on unintentionally amusing history ride, before just chilling out and having a bite to eat without much more to do before our flight.

Dropping the car off was odd, especially given it had taken us around two islands and 4213km of roads. I felt like I was missing something no longer having car keys in my pocket. With not a lot to do we ended dropping the car back an hour early with three hours till our flight time only to discover our flight was delayed another ninety minutes.

In Auckland we're once more staying in the Rendevouz, finishing the honeymoon where we started it. Our delayed flight meant we didn't get here till nearly 9pm, so our plans for one final night in Auckland became room service in the hotel instead.


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