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So today is mine and Rachael's first wedding anniversary and we spent it exploring Dunedin, and on a train ride through Taieri gorge. The train ride and staying at the castle were a bit of symmetry with how I proposed to Rachael. We lucked out with a bonus similarity with our wedding as breakfast this morning was in a converted stable.

We did three different things today. The Otago Settlers Museum which we wandered into at first simply because it was free. It was really excellent, lots of things made locally at one point which we hadn't seen anywhere else. I particularly liked the collection of old computers. From there we went into the Chinese Scholars Garden. Very pretty, very serene. All built and designed by Chinese workers, originally put together in China, then dismantled and shipped over and reassembled. Dunedin has had a Chinese population ever since they first arrived during a good rush.

Then in the afternoon we had our train ride through Taieri Gorge. The gorge is only accessible via that private railway. The autumn colours of the leaves really added to the scene.

It was a great anniversary.

Just three holiday days left before it's travelling time. Really enjoying everything, looking forward to what's left, but also really looking forward to being home now too.


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