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So today we went to Hobbiton which was fantastic. I hadn't realised the set had been largely demolished as per the contract after the LotR films; it was only tourist interest (and bad weather) that meant it didn't get entirely destroyed. Tourist interest is also why when they rebuilt for the Hobbit trilogy they built it to last (also as per the new cobtract) instead of out of styrofoam, etc.

Considering the LotR films are why I wanted to visit NZ (I still don't have a travel bug) it was great to wander around a part of it (sort of). It was also fascinating. The sheer amount of work that went into getting things right is ridiculous.

From there we drove to Rotorua famous for it's high maori population, geo thermal activitu and hydrogen sulphide smell. We saw an excellent Maori village built on a geothermically active area complete with geysers - though they didn't half make us wait before deciding to jet. It must be weird growing up in a town where tourists come both to see what you live and to see you as almost an exhibit.

We finished the day with really good Japanese food. I really like good quality sushi.

An excellent day, though really incongruous going from the rolling hills of the shire to geysers and hot volcanic springs, especially as they are less than 50km apart.


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