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So this will go up a couple of days after I write it as the WiFi in this motel has a limited allowance. We spent the day exploring the Coromandel peninsula which is kind of the North Islanders holiday destination.

The explorative was kind of done in three chunks. The first driving around it; I'm not sure which was the more challenging drive - the windy coast road whose edges were either a cliff face on one side and an ocean on the other, or the serpentine gravel road that ran up and down the mountain. Very pretty scenery when I wasn't focused on the road; Rachael took photos and we stopped once or twice.

The second was a visit to the Driving Creek Railway in Coromandel town. Single track railway that snakes up another 100m above sea level from its base. Was a mix of pottery, and the trains, as the trains had originally been intended by the potter in order to collect clay and wood. Really good view of the peninsula from the top.

The last after checking into our motel in Whitiangi, was a drive then a walk down to Cathedral Cove. Something that was both recommended by friends and used in the filming of Prince Caspian.

This evening we finished off with a great meal out. I had a very tasty steak served on a grill stone. The meat is served basically raw but on a extremely hot stone that cooks it as you eat it, allowing you to take it off when it's done exactly as you like.

Speaking of beef I thought New Zealand was all about the sheep, but the only way that could be true from what we've seen so far is if the sheep were hiding behind all the cows.
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