May. 17th, 2015


May. 17th, 2015 09:15 pm
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Good if tiring weekend. Great way to celebrate a birthday, saw lots of friends, fed them all tasty food, and generally had a nice time.

Learned a few things:

  • We can host 20-21 in our house for a party is the upper limit. Ideally we'd need a few more places for people to sit, but cycling people out to the garden to see the bunnies worked well.

  • The bunnies are very social, and much more comfortable, even when there were 12 people, staring, petting or squeeing over them at a time.

  • Pies prepared the night before were a good way to feed people - should have balanced it more as there was more than enough Chicken, Ham and Leek, but not enough Steacon to meet demand. Potato wedges even though I don't eat them myself, are a good quick way to provide a decent accompaniment too.

  • Also related four pies, two pastries and two trays of wedges for 18 is the maximum limit of what can go in my oven at once.

  • My curry is also tasty if used to fill small pastries, especially given how often I was asked if there were any going spare (and also the offer of one Chib's to leave Sam for me for it).

  • Yet another reminder of how good my friends are, and how knowing a bunch of nice people means mixing company works.

  • Cooking a roast lamb for 6 today, feels like a small meal after yesterday.

  • It makes a nice change, but I definitely prefer smaller groups when you can chat more. I saw a lot of people, but didn't talk to many of them all that much once. Did at least organise myself in a way I didn't spend all day in the kitchen cooking (which was also a good thing compared to say if I'd done a barbecue).

  • My sister-in-laws cakes taste as good as they look.


  • One I missed: If I offer to cook food, I can expect a much better lastish minute turn out from an invite than you would normally assume...


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