Apr. 10th, 2015

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Just going to write a quick entry before cooking a little food for Rachael and I. Another 10 minutes more of letting the motion sickness pass will be not bad thing.

We've had a shorter day of stuff today, but we're both now shattered after sailing around the Bay of Islands on the R Tucker Thompson, a tall ship (schooner) that was built in 1985 as a replica of a 19th century boat. It was a good trip, even in spite of some sea sickness. We both, along with the handful of other passengers, got to help open the sails and Rachael climbed the rigging up to the nearly the second cross beam. I avoided it on account of heights, and the 10 year old kid on board did enough extra climbing for me and any other passenger who didn't fancy it.

The cream tea and barbecue on board were a nice touch, and we had fun chatting to a student from the Isle of Wight and another from Dorset, as well as two native Kiwi's one who agreed to photograph Rachael up the rigging. The journey back was rougher, and it was fun standing near the prow as the ship rode the waves.

Plan now is to decide where we might want to stop tomorrow on the way back south to out next accommodation in Thames; and otherwise have a relaxing evening. Though first we'll be visiting the treaty grounds where the modern country of New Zealand was born.

Also got to see a shark from the boat on the way back to Russell.


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